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Barley grits

Barley grits

Barley gritsis produced from barley by crushing barley grains.

Composition of barley grits (100g) includes:
• Protein - 10 g
• Fats - 1,3 g
• Carbohydrates - 1,1 g
• minerals: sodium - 15 mg, potassium - 205mg, calcium - 80mg, magnesium - 50mg,   phosphorus - 340mg, iron - 1.8 mg
 • vitamins - B1, B2, PP

Barley gritsare produced in the form of particles of different sizes and shapes. Barley grits contain high amount of fiber, so it is included to the diet of people suffering from obesity, metabolic disorders and endocrine diseases. Barley porridge helps to eliminate toxins from human body, cleanses the gastrointestinal tract.

Agricultural Holding “August” offers barley grits in an assortment that meets all the mandatory requirements of GOST 5784-60. The grits are produced of barley of GOST 28672-90. Our barley grits are certified in the State Certification SystemUkrSEPRO

Products available in packaging. Weight of the bag is 50 kg.

Each batch of barley grits is supported by documentation on the quality of products. The document includes quality characteristics indicated by marks of the control of toxic elements, mycotoxins, radionuclides and pesticides

Barley grits offered by Agricultural Holding “August” – the group of companies that works professionally in the agricultural market of Ukraine – are marked, and have following certificates: hygienic certificate, Toxic Security Certificate, Radioactivity Protocols; without GMO.