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Wheat is the world leader among agricultural crops by sowing acreages and gross harvest. In Ukraine it also stands the first. It’s been the main food crop for many centuries, wheat growing and wheat sale are the main business of most farmers during many years.

Wheat belongs to the most ancient crops in the globe and provides food to 2/3 of population of our planet; it is possible to buy wheat by wholesale in every part of the world.

Everyone who deals with wheat sale knows that wheat grains have high nutritional value and meet nutrition requirements better than grains of other crops. Wheat grains are successfully used for bread baking, manufacturing of pasta, cookies and other food products. Quality of wheat proteins is very high and they digest well. Wheat fanning is a valuable concentrated fodder for all types of cattle. Wheat straw and chaff are used as forage and litter.

There are two varieties of wheat – soft and hard. They both are available for wheat wholesale.   Soft wheat grains are the main raw material for bread baking, and hard wheat grains are the raw material for pasta, spaghetti and high quality manna groat production.

Soft wheat that occupies 90 – 95% of all wheat acreages prevails in the world.

Wheat importance is in its grains which contain 11 – 15% of protein and 70 – 75% of carbohydrates.

Bread with good texture and volume output is baked when the grain contains 28 – 30% of wet gluten that is equal to 13 – 14% of protein (strong wheat). The base of the glum is composed of alcohol- and salt-soluble proteins – gliadin and glythein. No other cereal has such advantageous combination of these two nutritional components.

In Ukraine wheat sowing acreages occupy around 6765,5 thousand hectares (6 – 7 mln. hectares) that is 43% of all cereal grains sowing. Our country is among 10 leading countries by wheat sowing, and wheat sale forms substantial part of export.  

According to the last year’s results 20 885 thousand tons of wheat were harvested. As of the middle of November 2010 wheat harvest was 17,531 mln. tons by an average yield of 29 hundred kilograms per hectare.   

Agricultural Holding “August” welcomes new partners for cooperation. We offer tobuy wheat by wholesale at competitive price.