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Millet grits

Millet grits

Millet grits – millet seeds, purified from the outer shell.

Milletis used in the form of millet grits for cooking millet porridge that is a traditional dish of the Eastern Slavs.

Millet grits contain:
• 70% of starch;
• 12-15% of protein containing essential amino acids;
• A large amount of fat - 2,6-3,7%;
• 0,5-08% of fiber;
• A small amount of sugar - 2%;
• microelements - large amount of phosphorus, potassium and magnesium;
• Vitamins B1, B2, PP.

Useful properties of millet grits: it is characterized by high content of calories and high digestibility, millet porridge has a bracing effect on human body, promotes excretion of antibiotics. Millet porridge is recommended to use during medical treatment and after a course of antibiotic treatment.

At the present time only one kind of millet grits is produced mostly – polished millet grits.

Polished millet grits - kernels of millet, which are completely exempt from flower films, fruit and seed hulls, germs and aleuronic layer.

Today manufacturers also offer millet flakes, which do not require cooking.

Agricultural Holding “August” sells millet grits in bags of 50 kg.

Millet grits offered by Agricultural Holding “August” – the group of companies that works professionally in the agricultural market of Ukraine– are high quality product.