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Corn oil

Corn oil

Corn oil is fatty oil made of corn germ. This kind of oil is rated to the best varieties that are used in food and for production of various kinds of food.
The composition of corn oil is similar to the composition of sunflower oil.

Corn oil is composed of:
• 85% of unsaturated fatty acids - oleic, linoleic
• 15% of saturated fatty acids - stearic and palmitic
• Vitamins E, F, B1, PP, provitamin A
 • Lecithin

In comparison with other vegetable oils the main advantage of this type of food oil is a large amount of vitamin E and tocopherol – a powerful antioxidant that protects human body from premature aging.

Corn oil strengthens human body's protection, fights fatigue and muscle weakness, due to the presence of lecithin, this kind of vegetable oil helps to prevent atherosclerosis and reduces the probability of blood clots, it is easily digestible dietary product.

Our high quality products with excellent consumer properties meet all the requirements and expectations of our customers and partners.

Offered vegetable oils by their physical and chemical organoleptic specifications fully comply with all European and international standards.

Agricultural Holding “August” – the group of companies which work professionally in the agricultural market of Ukraine – suppliesvegetable oils to Ukraine and exports its products to Post Soviet Countries, Europe and the Middle East.

Our products can be delivered by oil tankers (lot - 2000-5000 tons), vehicles (20 tons) or railway transport (60 tons).