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Oat groats

Oat groats

Oat groats or oatmeal is a product of oats processing.

Oat groats are one of the most useful and nutritious groats, it is widely used in cooking.


• dietary fiber - beta-glucans binding cholesterol;

• microelements necessary for human health – magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron,       sodium, and zinc;

• vitamin complex - B-vitamins, PP, E;

• essential amino acids, particularly: methionine that is responsible for the nervous system;

• antioxidants which increase the body's resistance;

• proteins contributing to the development of muscle mass;

• soluble fiber that cleanses the body.

Oat groatsare used for cooking of porridge - a useful, easily digestible and dietetic food.

Oatmeal is useful to enhance immunity, normalize metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins and heavy metals salts, and improve the work of the digestive tract and skin condition.

Porridge is leading in fat content, so it should be eaten moderately to avoid excess weight.

Oatmealis an important food product that contains complete proteins, vitamin and mineral complex, and soluble fiber.

Oats contain:

• 9-19,5% of protein
• 21-55% of starch
• 7-24% of fiber
• 2-11% of fat
• 2,9-5,7 of ash
 • vitamins

Useful properties of oatmeal: porridge has anti-inflammatory effect on the gastrointestinal tract, cleanses the intestines, improves immunity, and helps to prevent anemia due to high iron content, normalizes metabolism and central nervous system activity, promotes bone and muscle growth.

Depending on the processing method and quality, oat groats are divided into following types and varieties:

Nongrinded oat groats is made of steamed, shelled and grinded oats. Instead of steaming oats it is allowed to steam groats. We produce nongrinded oat groats of the premium, first and second grades.

Steamed rolled groats is made as a result of rolling of previously steamed nongrinded oat groats.  Surface of flattened grain is characterized by serrated impression on both sides that is achieved by passing the prepared oat groats through fluted rollers. This is the difference in the process of manufacturing of rolled oat groats and oat flakes “Hercules” which are passed through smooth rolls. Small cracks formed by the flattening will reduce the duration of groats cooking. We produce steamed rolled groats of the premium, first and second grades.

Oat flakes

Oat flakes are made of oat grains by special processing.

The process of flakes manufacturing involves removal of oat grains hulls, separation of the nuclei, getting steamed oat groats of the premium grade, rolling in thin layers by passing through smooth rollers.

Types of flakes depending on raw material processing:

“Hercules”oat flakes– produced of premium grade oat groats

Petaled oat flakes - produced of premium grade oat groats

“Ekstra” oat flakes  – produced of the first grade oat groats. Depending on the time of cooking “Ekstra” oat flakes are produced in three numbers:

  • “Ekstra” oat flakes No. 1 are produced of whole oat groats
  • “Ekstra” oat flakes No. 2 are fine and produced of cut oat groats
  • “Ekstra” oat flakes No. 3 are fast boiling and produced of cut oat groats

All products offered by Agricultural Holding “August” – the group of companies that works professionally in the agricultural market of Ukraine– are marked, and have following certificates: hygienic certificate, Toxic Security Certificate, Radioactivity Protocols; without GMO.

Agricultural Holding “August” offers oat groats. Range and quality standards of oat groats meet the requirements of GOST 3034-75.