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Pea groats

Pea groats

Pea groats are produced from peas. There are two types of pea groats – whole hulled and polished peas, and crushed polished peas.

Whole hulled and polished peas are whole undivided in the cotyledons grains of yellow or green color with smooth polished surface.

Crushed polished peas consistof individual cotyledons of yellow or green color with a smooth surface and rounded edges.

The chemical composition of pea groats is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. In various groats (except legumes), protein content is 8,3 - 12,6%, and  in peas - 23,0%.

Pea groats can be stored for a long time.

Organoleptic characteristics of pea groats offered by Agricultural Holding “August” meet all the mandatory requirements. Pea groats are marked, and have following certificates: hygienic certificate, Toxic Security Certificate, Radioactivity Protocols; without GMO.

Agricultural Holding “August” – the group of companies that works professionally in the agricultural market of Ukraine- sells pea groats in bags of 50 kilograms.