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Beet molasses (treacle) is a by-product of sugar beet production, it is a viscousopaque fluid, its color varies from brown to dark brown, it has specific sugar-beet molasses odor, sweet taste with a bitter flavor, it is completely soluble in hot and cold water.

Molasses is used to feed farm animals. This fodder is starchy. It contains 20-25% of water, about 9% of nitrogen compounds mainly amides, 58-6 0% of carbohydrates mainly sugar, and 7-10% of ash. Good substance to enrich crude and concentrated fodders.

Many fodders are made with molasses. It is used as binding ingredient in granulated fodders. Molasses can also be used for obtaining residual sugar, processing into ethanol, in confectionery industry, for sugar color manufacture, to sweeten wine, making rum and liqueurs, etc.

Molasses is one of the most valuable waste of sugar beet production. We sell molasses (treacle) in bulk from manufacturer's warehouse.

Supplies to Ukraine

Agricultural Holding “August” sells beet molasses by self delivery or it can be delivered by rail tank cars of 60-68 tons and by mobile tanks of 28-35 tons.

Exports of Molasses

Our company exports sugar beet molasses by rail tank cars of 60-68 tons to Post Soviet Countries and other countries.