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To buy trailer in Kiev and Ukraine 

Most often agricultural machinery means different trucks with rigs or trailers. Using trailers is the best way to transport agricultural products from production (cultivation) sites to the places of packaging, storage and shipment. Even in those cases where there are approach lines, purchase of truck to deliver agricultural products from the fields would not be quite rational expense for the farm.

After all, tractors with rigs are used for agricultural work anyway, that’s why it would be more profitable to not buy a truck, it is better to buy a trailer to already evaluable tractor. This increases a payback of tractors which will not stand without operation between sowing and harvesting, and saves money on buying expensive vehicles.

Requirements for trailers

There are specific requirements for agricultural machinery trailers:

• easy loading (unloading) to the trailer (off the trailer);

• high agility and cross-country off-road features;

• compatibility with the maximum number of tractors;

• high capacity;

• high load capacity;

• minimum number of attendants.


Modern trailers for farming from Agricultural Holding "August"

Modern trailer is not just a "trolley" grown in size, but a complex mechanism equipped with the latest technology electric, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment including hydraulic brakes and automatic unloading equipment on the basis of dumping truck.

Agricultural Holding"August" offers a wide range of trailers and semi-trailers for agriculture for sale. Here you can buy a trailer for all occasions: for collecting of fruits, vegetables, hay, and cattle transportation. All equipment is of high quality and have relevant certificates.