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Wheat flour

Wheat flour

Agricultural Holding “August”sells different kinds of flour in the 50 kilograms bags.

All the products of Agricultural Holding “August” are marked and have following certificates: hygienic certificate, Toxic Security Certificate, Radioactivity Protocols; without GMO.

Wheat flour offered by Agricultural Holding “August” – the group of companies which work professionally in the agricultural market of Ukraine– is a high quality product.


Wheat flour is produced from soft wheat or from soft wheat mixed with durum wheat at the amount of 20%. It is characterized by a high nutritional value and easily digests; it contains large amounts of protein, B vitamins, carotene, phosphorus and magnesium.

Wheat flouris used for backing bread and making pastry and confectionary products. This kind of flour is the most popular in the household.

Depending on the method of grains processing wheat flour contains different amounts of shell particles - bran.

Grain that is completely freed from shells contains a large amount of carbohydrates and is a high-energy and easily digestible product. The smaller the grain cleaned of membranes, the greater the amount of vitamins and minerals in the flour.

Wheat flour is produced in such grades: premium, the first, second, fine wheat flour.

Description of Product

Wheat Flour extra quality class

Wheat flour first class


0,55 % max

 0.73 % max


14.5 % max 

 14.7 % max

Protein on dry basis

12 % min

 13 % min


24-27 % min.

 26-29 %


56 min





Packing bags

50 kg.

 50 kg.