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Oilseed flax

Oilseed flax

Oilseed flaxis an ancient crop that is cultivated in all continents as an important fiber and oil crop. In India, China, Egypt and Transcaucasia countries people started to cultivate it in 4000 - 5000 b.c.

On the territory of Ukraine flax was known for many years before Kiev Rus.

Flax is successfully cultivated and sold in 20 countries.

Ukraine is among the largest flax seeds producers.  In recent years oilseed flax cultivation in Ukraine has growth dynamics. In the structure of technical crops acreages in Ukraine oilseed flax occupies 1,2% of all technical crops acreage (39,7 thousand hectares). An average yield is 10 – 12 hundred kilograms per hectare, maximum – 25 – 30 hundred kilograms per hectare. We offer high quality flax.

The largest oilseed flax sowing acreages are in Canada, Argentina, China, India, USA, and Russia.

It is possible to cultivate or  to buy flax for its seeds which contain up to 48% of oil that is used in raw as food oil (including margarine production), but mostly for production of soap, varnishes, paints, paint oil, linoleum, rubber, and also it is used in medicine. Flax oilseeds contain 18% of protein, 12% of carbohydrates, amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, glycosides and other matters.

The composition of flaxseed oil contains eicosanoic acids – oleic, linolic, and isolinolic, they predetermine its high technical features (fast drying). Owing to its content flaxseed oil promotes decreasing of cholesterol level. Flaxseed oil is usually eaten in case of metabolic disorder.

The oil is the best raw material for varnish and paint production and manufacturing of natural paint oil. It is used for production of natural paint for high quality paints which are used in electric, aviation, automobile, foundry, shipbuilding industries.

Flaxseed oil is used for soap manufacturing, as food and in food industry. Medicine also deals with it.

Flax seeds and oil are used as medications. Such medication as litenol is made of the oil. This medication (combination of ethers of eicosanoic acids) serves for curing and prevention of atherosclerosis. The oil is also used as detersive, and in case of burns. Flaxseeds decoction is used to cure injuries, inflammatory process and gastrointestinal ulcer.

Flax has high fodder importance. One kilogram of seeds contains 1,8 fodder units and cattle cake contains 1,2 fodder units. Cattle cake contains 33% of protein, about 9% of fat; owing to its fodder features flaxseed cattle cake dominates over cattle cake of other crops because it digests easily.

Flaxseed extraction cake is a valuable high protein fodder (1 kg contains 286 – 300g of protein).

Fiber for coarse texture, twine and other necessary production are made of oilseed flax straw. Straw that contains 50% of cellulose serves as a raw material for cigarette paper and board manufacturing. Structural and furniture fiberboards are made of wastes resulted after processing of straw into texture.

Sale flaxfabrics are widespread because they are esteemed and characterized by high hygienic features.

Flax is undemanding to warmth and moisture but sensitive to the content of nutrients in the soil, that’s why there is no need to buy flax by wholesale before making soil analysis and convincing that it will take root. 

Oilseed flax has high agronomic importance. Unlike sunflower it is a good predecessor especially for cereal grains in southern and eastern regions of Ukraine. After flax winter wheat provides yield equal to sowing after weedfree fallow. 

Agricultural Holding “August” welcomes new partners for cooperation. We offer oilseed flax wholesale at competitive price.





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